Monday, July 28, 2008

Double Time

This inaugural post shall cover two momentous occasions over the past couple of weeks. Our little island held host to the first annual Waterball World Championships. Such notable attendees were The Fearsome Schoenbergers whom, all know, are the standing waterball champions of the Skagit Valley after their embarrassing defeat of the Smiths in the fall Skwaterball Fest (that name is made up). Needless to say, their presence was intimidating. On top of that, the Ultimate Experience (aka Justin Ellis, Juice, Newt, la Ducha) flew in from Wiscovia to display his dominance in the water. Presiding umpires were the lovely and vivacious duo of A.Q. Lawless and S. Schoenberger (she's pregnant and the taunts from la Ducha were too much to safely allow her to participate.) Joining with la Ducha was the luminary, la Noche ( yes, they were the night and the douche) and with Captain Schoenberger was yours truly.

In a stunning and awesome display of power and might, the Schoenberger-Lawless combination pummeled the unsuspecting challengers to a grand total of 101 to 28. The cries and moans from Ducha/Noche were unbearable and the games ended in their humiliating defeat. Never again shall they underestimate the full wrath of two has-been-ex-high-school-football-stars: Snaggle and Biff.


Secondly, we celebrated the 35,496,000 second since la Noche's wailing entrance to this world this evening with a star-studded dinner party at the most noble house of Brad. After twenty-seven years, he is still an enjoyable person to spend time with; a feat that we all appreciate.