Sunday, August 3, 2008

OO 2008

In lieu of the upcoming Beijing Olympics, Orcas Island held its own Olympics today. With an unhampered torch ceremony and complete lack of protesters, the event was a smashing success-- Orcas-1, Beijing-0. Held at Matthew and Erin's land, which is adjacent to Maple Rock Farm, many of the island's finest attended and participated in many extremely specialized and difficult events: badminton, bocce ball, twister, egg toss, orange pass, boat race, limbo, suck & blow, and shirt swap.

Intermittent activities also included hula hoops, beer drinking, elbow tag, beer drinking, Monty Python and the Holy Grail tag (think of the stubborn knight who still tries to fight after losing his limbs), beer drinking, and an ultimate cage-free wrestling match between Alfred and Charlie and preparatory maneuvers for a new Land Rover commercial. Plus a little beer drinking. Alex brought a beautiful salmon to grill up and Anne made divine carrot cake cupcakes (alliteration- thank you Mr. Coppage). Plus, Kai donated a heap of gorgeous greens from Morningstar Farm.

The Jammers and the Whiffers battled it out in the grueling events and the games ended with a tie and both teams taking home the silver. (It turns out that a large group of smokers and drinkers are not quite as adept to suck & blow as they once were in their formative years- a half point was awarded to each team.) The gold was awarded to Lola, who won all events in the Special Olympics, she does have a neck brace dammit.


Paul said...

Thanks for bringing Coppage back out of my subconscious. Without you, I would have forgotten him forever. Diggin' the blog so far, keep it up.

knielsen said...

blog blog blog blog blog blog blah