Monday, November 10, 2008

High Demand

There has also been a lot of demand and admiration for the stache, so I wanted to offer my own free of charge for some of those eager and adoring fans. Now you can print your own and wear it... well- everywhere!

Mustache update

The mustache is not a hit at the local hardware store. My friend Roy used the word "ugghh," when he first saw me and the lady behind the counter was less than pleasant. But we did counterbalance a kiln lid, apply new bandings around the lid, and re-wired the mo-fo. That is what I call a "Yes We Can" stache.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

November is Mustache Month-- Movember

We'll start with a Halloween beginning, for that is when the mustache ascended to the stature of which it now holds on my face. If Richard Simmons isn't creepy enough, only a mustache and a nicotine patch could help him to further that status. As I work on sculpting the new focal point of my face, I hope I can keep up to date with pictures and reactions. All ready had an interesting few since the beginning of the month. First notable event was on a morning jog last week. Even as the Fall gets wetter and cooler, visitors still make time to come up to Orcas. West Beach Resort has had a sporadic spattering of guests and they usually quite jovial and welcoming as I huff and wheeze past their cabins early in the morning. That is-- until meine musstacio. An unsuspecting guest almost missed a step and pulled her dog a little closer with the leash even though she looked as if the mutt had just deuced right under her nose when I trotted by. Success! First stranger had an adverse reaction.

My students still may be a bit weary. I've addressed it forthright and opened to public discourse, but its fullness and beautiful brown chestnut tone may be a bit too intimidating for them. I tried to restore their confidence as a role-model, friend, and ally by pleading, "Fear not, with this 'stache my powers of completion are twice-fold. Plumbing, electrical problems and small engine repair are now added to my already extensive repetoire. Think of it more as a "can-do" 'stache. I can do anything now." They didn't buy it. But I could see the pride in Taylor's face as we entered the Pacific Northwest Ballet yesterday. Search as I may, no other mustache was to be seen at the ballet. I was just another fly on the wall at the Seattle Art Museum earlier in the day (mustache was good, but jeans weren't tight enough). Damien stopped by to admire my upper lip warmer and as we sat and talked a precursor to a possible future stopped to chat donning a short sandy 'stache and a blond mullet. As he spoke he intermittently sipped on his two liter Diet Dr. Pepper. He spoke of many things that needed no response from either of us, but he did inform us that he slammed a case before venturing to 1st Ave. and ended with something about Ewoks, I think.

If you want to learn more about Movember, follow the link.